Awareness is Everything

   ” Hardly anyone understands what a soul is. It is a very subtle aspect that has to be understood.  Souls are extremely subtle and imperishable. Neither a soul nor his part can be destroyed.  It is very difficult for those with gross( purely material) intellects to understand these things. This is why the Father, the Father of all Souls, comes at this time and makes you realize this”. {Murli, 5/29/2015}

 How lucky we are to have been given a chance to receive this direction, straight from the Source, the only True Teacher who promises to teach us all the secrets of life and death and so much more. From this we learn how to live and how to die. This source of knowledge began in the 1930’s in a sweet spot in Karachi, India.

 The Murli or God’s Flute, as this precious guidance is called, is the basis of the teachings of Raja Yoga.   The murli tunes one into the wavelength of the Creator’s Mind.  It is fresh everyday.  Thinking about the murli and remembering the Almighty, the subconscious is cleared, day by day, moment by moment, drop by drop.

 The Murli  is the bedrock of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University based in Rajasthan, India and it’s tributary centers all over the world.

 The subconscious as you know is full of old patterns, our deepest images, ingrained habits, belief systems, and conditioning.  What you may not know is that it is located within the soul.

Also within  the soul is the intellect or conscience;  the part of us that knows better and can discern right from wrong.  The intellect can  give direction to the mind and even absorb power and virtues from the Highest on High.

The third aspect of the soul, the mind, is a thought factory and because the intellect has taken a “back seat”, the mind has tried to take over functions that it was never designed too.  The mind is great at creating thoughts, however the role of discerning which thoughts to act on belongs to the intellect.

The soul contains all this and more!  Along with volumes of impressions, stored over lifetimes of experiences, the soul also contains knowledge.  Nonetheless, a soul does not take up an iota of space.  The soul is bodiless, but takes a body in order to play its role upon the earth.  Most of us have come to identify with the body we have taken on loan.  In actuality, we are eternal, imperishable souls within a temporary, perishable body. Because the soul is subtle and invisible, we have literally lost “sight” of it and have come to consider our identity as material beings.

Raja Yoga Meditation is the divine art of giving power back to the intellect, so it may responsibly and lovingly guide the wildness of the mind into peacefully churning true and powerful thoughts.  What is the simplest, truest statement that can be held in the mind about the nature of the soul?  What quality appears to be most lacking in the realm of the mind, but which is in fact the core quality of every soul?  Peace, yes peace is our true and natural state.  How far we have ventured from our own innermost nature!  The way back to peace is an inward journey.

Raja Yoga is the method of turning your attention inward, of moving your awareness to the center of your forehead, where YOU, the living soul sit, as the driver of the vehicle of your body.

Feel into this space, to know your true nature. Turn away from all other thoughts for just a minute.  What are you feeling?  Peaceful? Loving? Powerful? Blissful?

All of these states are aspects of you, the invisible, eternal being.  This is where  you’ll find the peace and love and power and bliss that you have been seeking outside, in the transitory world!  Its all within you.  No wonder you wish to experience it again.  It isyour birthright which can not be taken away, once you truly claim it again.

 Peace or stillness is often the first state we experience when we journey inward, on our own, or with the help of a skillfully and sweetly lead guided meditation. “Peace is the original religion of the soul.”

As you may know, thoughts create reality; as you think, so shall you become.

Try this thought out. “I am a peaceful soul”.  Repeat it again, quietly, confidently.  Say it  from the depth of your being.  Feel the reality behind it.  Feel that you are a peaceful soul.  As your awareness of your Original State increases, it begins to color the atmosphere around you and everything becomes touched by your peace.

 This peace then leads us deeper into a place of true silence which lies “far from the maddening crowd”.

This question of “who am I?” is realized as we sit with it each day. “Since the soul can not be seen with the physical eyes, it must be realized.” (murli)

This practice will change the way you see yourself.  As you meditate deeply on the thought that you are a peaceful soul, your consciousness opens the channel allowing peace to flow into your thoughts, words, and deeds.   You will begin to see yourself as a spiritual being interacting with the physical world.  Your state of peace will begin to affect the world around you, rather than the other way around!  Peace is contagious. As you emanate the quality of peace, many around you will also be inspired to experience peace within.

There is a “time for everything” and “everything has its time”.  Both in the physical realms as well as in our spiritual endeavors, “timing is everything”. So is there a moment when meditation and self- inquiry can be most fruitful? Yes, it is well known and  understood by yogis and avid mediators that the early morning hours from 2 to 5 a.m.are the sweetest for revealing the Self and its connection with the Divine.

This is the best(but not only) time for receiving nourishment and power from the Ocean of Peace.  Sunset from 6:30pm to 7:30pm is another potent time.  Also spending time right before sleep connecting with your peaceful core is also very valuable.

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