Fill Yourself and then fill others.

I study everyday. I am a student of the Highest on High. I am learning to switch my identity from the limited to the unlimited…from being a body of flesh and bones to being a body of light, actually a point of light, a soul.

Flesh and bone are limited. Light is unlimited, eternal, imperishable, everlasting, so am I.  So are you!

Raja Yoga Meditation is a method to make this switch from limited to unlimited.  This switch is going against the grain of what most everyone else has thought, including me, for many lifetimes. That is why I practice being a bodiless being of Light everyday. I am establishing a way of being in the world, which is quite foreign to most. Thinking one is a limited body of flesh and bones is a big part of why most of us are caught up in some form or other of suffering.

The soul is invisible; you can not see a soul when you  look into a physical mirror.  The soul, can only be seen when one looks into the cleansed mirror of the heart.

How does one clean the mirror of the Heart and start enjoying its magic?

The magic is turned on simply by reflecting on the virtues and powers inherent in being a soul, our eternal virtues of peace, love, happiness, wisdom, purity, and bliss.

When on reflects deeply on the truth of the Self, remembrance of the Divine Benevolent One comes naturally.

Remembering the Self  and remembering the One who is constantly shining, the Beautiful One , is paramount to our spiritual cleansing.

Where do I begin?

I can begin with the virtue of kindness and the power to co-operate.

Firstly I am kind to the Self and learn to co-operate with the Divine within me.

Divinity is the opposite of Devilishness…devil or angel???
What will it be?

What are devilish traits?

Thinking unkind thoughts about the Self or others is devilish and impinges upon your Self Respect.

So are impure thoughts about bodies. Bodies, in all their usefulness in being the chariot for the soul, can also be an aspect of illusion, a trap (Maya) which captures the unlimited intellect of the soul and reduces its awareness to the physical senses.

In so doing, a vast ocean of subtlety is lost from our experience of life…the ultimate robbery of the awareness of our spiritual power, serenity, and bliss.

We get so caught up in the limitations of the physical that we lose the true essence of who we are! Fortunately, it can never truly be lost; it has only become covered over.

Ultimately, remembering is  a process of uncovering the truth of who we are, deep within.

As a child, I truly wondered why I was alive?

This churning was not out of depression, social deprivation, or anything  adverse. It just occurred to me that life seemed to be so much about eating in the day and sleeping at night.

This seemed quite senseless to this sensible old soul who know there must be something more.

However, this question went on the “back burner” of my intellect as the demands of the unreflected life, inevitably, took their toll. Using the senses as my touchstone of satisfaction, created feelings of great dependency on people, places, and things and on more and more external stimulation.

“Constant Craving”, as one songwriter put it, became the apt theme song to the life I had unwittingly created.

What a box!

A box full of unlimited distractions, diversions, and desperation. The 3-D world, no matter how good or bad one has it, is still a world of limitations.

Where do we go from here? How to make this switch in consciousness and stay in this elevated awareness of the unlimited?

Asking the right questions at the right time often opens up doorways which previously didn’t seem to exist; and if it is in your fortune, which would include lifetimes of such asking, you may very well be blessed with the Truth and have the resources to recognize it as Truth.

In other words, the Truth will seek you out, find you, and introduce itself to you, for you are a special child!

Then you will be faced with the mission of”Remembering”.  Remembering to remember the Truth, remembering to stay in the Company of the Truth, and remembering to help others to remember too.

For this, great courage is necessary.  Courage to take the first step, for when you do, the Universe (read God) will applaud and assist you a thousand-fold  for your move!!!

That’s when the impossible becomes possible, when the game of life takes on altogether new dimensions.

This is why I study and meditate everyday.
It is also called “swinging in the swing of supersensuous joy”, the joy beyond the senses, the yoga of the ancients, the gateway to Heaven on Earth, knowing the beginning, the middle, and the end of Time, and becoming  Masters.

It is yours for the taking, oh soul!!! Each day becomes so precious; study and meditate, meditate and study, remember to share with others, think BIG, tap into bliss and your original perfection, think outside of the 3-D box!!!

Sending you unlimited good wishes on this unlimited journey! Go, team!!!