Spinning the Right Thoughts



I want Peace

Who are you?  What vision do you have of yourself?  What recurring thoughts and feelings do you have?  Is this really the sum total of who you are?

Using the power of imagination and creative thought to visualize and bring into being the unmanifest world of potential within yourself,  is to work on the main thing that you do have control over~~~yourself!

The dialogue you have with yourself is the most important thing you have on this journey.  It ultimately determines your happiness and satisfaction levels as you interact in this world.

Watch what your thoughts are while performing small tasks.  Since we are all originally pure, elevated, happy, and spiritually powerful beings,  check to see if what you are thinking is taking you into alignment with your original state or if it is bringing you down, into a familiar, but uncomfortable state.

Have the determination to no longer feed yourself thoughts which bring you down, which compare yourself as better or worse than someone else or which create inner feelings of unworthiness or dislike towards the self or others.

To win this inner battle means to “let go”.  Letting go is a beautiful state of mind to nurture and can bring you into everyday mindfulness.   As you choose to look at your self with self-respect, your cage door which was never really locked, will magically swing open.   This process does not have to be painstakingly laborious!  As a matter of fact, it can be one in which you continue to become lighter and lighter, the more you are willing to let go of!  The more you are willing to open to change the better things will get for you!


This is a transistional time and in many ways, a fast-moving one.  Everyday in the scenes of life, change is swiftly appearing.  You have the opportunity to choose to play your part by creating beauty in your inner world and by making your home a place of peace.  Yes, that’s where it all begins.

Create a home that has a pure vibration.  In order to do this, begin at the level of thought.  Check the thoughts you are having and sending into the atmosphere of your home environment, into your food as you prepare it, and into those who share the space with you.  Begin by talking to yourself sweetly.  Talk to you the soul, not you the ego.  This isn’t about creating a stronger sense of ego.  Drop the ego, as you leave your shoes at the door of your dwelling.

Ask yourself…who am I?  (I am a soul, a guest in this world.)  Where did I come from?  (true answer: I came from a world of light, the home of all souls).  Why have I incarnated?  (I have entered this body in order to…?)  These are deep questions.  One answer, if you are willing to accept it is that I have entered this body in order to bring light back to this world and to establish a heavenly world of happiness for all.)

Your “sweet talk” will depend on your values.  What do you value?   What 2 values if lived by everyone on the planet right now, would bring about the most beneficial changes?   Write your responses down; here is a key to what is truly important to you.  Now begin to note when you are really living these 2 values and also note the times that you slack off from these 2 values.

Of utmost importance is the value of seeing with a”pure and clear vision”.  Seeing yourself and others as you really  are.  Can you really see all as unlimited souls, not as limited bodies of flesh and bone?  Granted this is a high bar which most of us have not passed yet!

Seeing and understanding the great loss you’ve caused to yourself and others by not keeping your vision clear might help you gather up the determination to begin seeing with “new eyes”. Don’t compromise yourself, don’t be slack when it comes to this! Begin to identify the mistakes you’ve been making which have taken you away from your own divinity!

To make this value firm and to keep yourself accountable to it, you may even be willing to create a system to give up something that you really enjoy doing/eating/having when your focus slips.

This is especially key when due to seeing a person as a body, you have given them some grief or difficulty or have taken grief or difficulty from them.  Either way doesn’t work in this stage of your development.   This is the moment to decide that in order to uproot this old, deep pattern of relating to souls as bodies, today I will forego enjoying Facebook or that relaxing cup of tea, or whatever will make you think twice about doing this again tomorrow.  Decide how to wean yourself from the old way to the new way…you may agree that if I can stay clear 80% of the time, tomorrow, I will allow myself to enjoy that cup of tea or that second piece of chocolate tomorrow. Work with yourself.  Be sure to reward yourself too, when you’ve had a stretch of hours or days of the joy and clarity of seeing others and yourself for who you truly are!

When you have the strong spiritual aim to only give happiness and receive happiness, you will become willing to do whatever it takes to achieve this.

You will then become a blessing to everyone and yourself through your every thought, word, and deed.  You will become an elevated soul, a master almighty authority, and be amply rewarded by enjoying the coming age of peace and happiness upon the earth.  By staying in soul consciousness, you will receive great help, without asking,  from the Benevolent One.  The more you remember that, the more you will receive this Divine Energy to move you along the path to your own divinity, with grace and ease.

When obstacles arise, in the form of a negative thought or feeling about yourself or someone else, gently and firmly remind yourself that:  I am a peaceful soul, this is my true nature and they too were originally a peaceful soul.  (Trust that they really are doing the best they can, right now)  Look at the block honestly and then remember your aim: keep it simple: “don’t give sorrow, don’t take sorrow”.  This will create an opening for you to move in a new way.

As you affirm that you are truly a peaceful soul again and again and take action in your life not to let old patterns have their way, those blockages and conditioned patterns of response will melt away.  You will become one, of whom it can be said: you have understood your value and you radiate confidence.  You inspire others to be free from the constraints of ego.  You see the soul in each one and recognize your spiritual brother and sister.

Consistency is important for inconsistency creates a doubt in the self.  As you move along with this desire/aim to restore your divinity, you will feel more of a pull to your original pure nature.  You will enjoy becoming a giver of happiness and you will begin to experience that what lies at the root of who you are is peace and spiritual power.  This will become your anchor.

Know that whatever efforts you make in your present life, will be carried with you into your next life.  As you spread happiness and good wishes to others now, the family that you are born into will be of the same quality of happiness and good fortune.

As you become the master of yourself in this world, you will become the master in the next, worthy to rule and govern for you have learned how to govern yourself.

It all comes down to spinning the right thoughts…I am a pure soul… my divine birthright is to be peaceful, loveful, happy, and powerful…   I value myself… I can respect others easily…Keep telling yourself these sweet truths… Spin, spin, spin and you will fall into love and bliss with the real self that emerges!




















Awareness is Everything

Do you realize that ” hardly anyone understands what a soul is. It is a very subtle aspect that has to be understood.  Souls are extremely subtle and imperishable. Neither a soul nor his part can be destroyed.  It is very difficult for those with gross (purely material) intellects to understand these things. This is why the Divine Father, the Father of all Souls, comes at this time and makes you realize this”. {Murli, 5/29/2015}

 How lucky we are to be given a chance to understand what the soul is, from  the True, Divine Teacher who promises to teach us all the secrets of life, death and so much more.  The source of this knowledge began in the ’30’s in a sweet spot in Karachi, India.

 The Murli or God’s Flute, as this precious guidance is called, is the basis of the teachings of Raja Yoga.   The murli tunes one into the wavelength of the Creator’s Mind.  It is fresh everyday.  As one thinks about the murli and remembers the Almighty, the subconscious is cleared, day by day, moment by moment, drop by drop.

 The subconscious as you know is full of old patterns, our deepest images, ingrained habits, belief systems, and conditionings from our many lives.  What you may not know is that all of this is located (recorded) within the soul.

Also within  the soul is the intellect or conscience;  the part of us that knows better and can discern right from wrong.  The intellect can  give direction to the mind and the subconscious and absorb truth,power, and values from the Highest on High.

The third aspect of the soul is the mind.  The mind’s main function is to generate thoughts.  During the course of our incarnations, the intellect has grown weak and taken a “back seat”, resulting in the mind being left with functions of discernment, which it is not designed to handle.  While the mind is great at creating thoughts,  the role of discerning which thoughts to act on belongs to the intellect.

The soul contains all this and more!  Along with volumes of  recorded impressions, stored over lifetimes of experiences, the soul also contains knowledge. Nonetheless, a soul does not take up an iota of space.  The soul being bodiless, takes a body on loan in order to play its role upon the earth.  Most of us have come to identify more with our temporary ‘costume’ than with the eternal, unlimited aspect of the Self.  Because the soul is subtle and invisible, we have literally lost “sight” of it and have come to consider our identity as limited, material beings.

Raja Yoga Meditation is the divine art of giving power back to the intellect, so it may responsibly and lovingly guide the wildness of the mind into peacefully churning true, powerful thoughts and insightful questions.  For example: what is the simplest, truest statement that can be churned about the nature of the soul?  What quality, most lacking in the mind, is, in fact, the core quality of every soul?

The answer is peace.  Peace is our true and natural state, the original religion of the soul.

Raja Yoga is the method of turning your attention inward, of moving your awareness to the center of your forehead, where YOU, the living soul sit, as the driver of the vehicle of your body.

Feel into this space, to know your true nature. Turn away from all other thoughts for just a minute.  What are you feeling?  Peaceful? Loving? Powerful? Blissful?

All of these states are aspects of you, the invisible, eternal being.  This is where  you’ll find the peace and love and power and bliss that you have been seeking outside, in the transitory world!  Its all within you.  No wonder you wish to experience it again.

Peace, serenity, stillness are often the first states we experience when we journey inward.

Try this thought out. “I am a peaceful soul”.  Repeat it again, quietly, confidently.  Say it  from the depth of your being.  Feel the reality behind it. Feel that you are a peaceful soul.  As your awareness of your Original State increases, it begins to color the atmosphere around you and everything becomes touched by your peace.

This peace then leads us deeper into a place of true silence which lies “far from the maddening crowd”.

This question of “who am I?” is realized as we sit with it each day. “Since the soul can not be seen with the physical eyes, it must be realized.” (murli)

This practice will change the way you see yourself.  As you meditate deeply on the thought that you are a peaceful soul, your consciousness opens the channel allowing peace to flow into your thoughts, words, and deeds.   You will begin to see yourself as a spiritual being interacting with the physical world.  Your state of peace will begin to affect the world around you, rather than the other way around!  Peace is contagious. As you emanate the quality of peace, many around you will also be inspired to experience peace within.

There is a “time for everything” and “everything has its time”.  Both in the physical realms as well as in our spiritual endeavors, “timing is everything”. So is there a moment when meditation and self- inquiry can be most fruitful? Yes, it is well known and  understood by yogis and avid mediators that the early morning hours from 2 to 5 a.m.are the sweetest for revealing the Self and its connection with the Divine.

This is the best (but not only) time for receiving nourishment and power from the Ocean of Peace.  Sunset from 6:30pm to 7:30pm is another potent time.  Also spending time right before sleep connecting with your peaceful core is also very valuable to insure deep, peaceful rest.

Link with the Supreme

You will find very sweet and powerful guided meditations at: http://www.justaminute.org  or http://www.ariellehecht.com/spiritualnourishment also at:http://www.meditateinhawaii.org

How Honest is Your Love?

“>I am very taken not only by Dadi Janki’s words of wisdom, but even more so by her very presence. I know I am not alone in this unabashed feeling of her awesomeness. > Another admirer, Ruby Wax has made this statement about this 99 year old phenomenon: “this woman is as deep , wise, and egoless as it gets. >She adheres to no formal religion, dogma, or sect.  Merely teaches you a method to open the heart and detach the mind-which to me is what true spirituality is about”.

And now to explore some of Dadi’s words to live by:

>Love is connected to virtues.  Virtues create love both within the self and within others. When virtues reduce, the quality of love also reduces.

>When all virtues are present, there is complete and pure love.  Out of all the virtues, the main one is honesty.  If we feel someone is not being honest with us, our love breaks. Whether it’s our mother, father, husband, wife, or friend, if we feel that they are being dishonest,  ove breaks. In terms of our relationship with God, if we are honest with God we will draw His love.If we are not, that love will break.  Even if we have no other virtues than this one of honesty,  we will be able to draw God’s love.

The first kind of honesty is honesty with myself.  If I am honest with myself, there need be no situation in which I am not honest with others.

If someone does not believe me, if someone distrusts my honesty, perhaps it is a sign that I need to become more honest. Instead of blaming them, I should realise this, and look at how to become more honest.” Honesty does not mean simply speaking our mind. Honesty means to be very clear about everything going on inside us.  Where there is honesty, feelings become pure and clean. Honesty is where there are no other thoughts or feelings inside, other than those that God Himself would have,  Such clarity is reflected in our words; they will be filled with the power of truth and spoken with ease and without hesitation.  The genuine honesty cultivated within us is what will reach out and touch others.

Being easily influenced by people will diminish our ability to remain honest.  Others will not be able to get that feeling of truth from us, and our interactions will not carry a feeling of love.  They will seem superficial. Although superficial love is better than no love at all-at least it ensures that we don’t become completely dry-it will nonetheless be obvious that it is not the real thing.

There is a Guide, a Teacher, a Parent who truly cares for you~the Source of Love

7/11/2014   A Friday Evening

My True Heart is filled to constantly overflowing, fed by my Lord of Nectar who is also constant.

I, the soul am drawn to the Magnet of Constant Love and Happiness away from this sorrow-drenched world.  I remember my true Home, the Land of Silence, Nirvana.

My happiness becomes constant. I spread these waves of happiness with the awareness of being an Unlimited Soul.  I, the soul continually flow towards the Source, as the Source continually flows towards me. This One beckons me to Remember.  Be Mine in Your Mind, Remember Me Alone.

As you remember the One,  receive purifying rays of Light and Love that fill you to overflowing.  Concentrated on the Source of Life, of Goodness, of Hope and Mercy,  go out and touch others with your presence.

Unlimited, constant, forever, eternal, always and beyond with my Father, the Beloved One.

Love is Life.  Love flows out to meet each moment.  There is a rippling of continuity that makes the NOW endless ….  Endlessly present and present and present…a flow of unbroken consciousness that takes you Home. Stay on this theme, this beam of Remembrance-it is your lifeline, your unbroken fortune to know the beginning, the middle, and the end continually flowing forever. Knowledgable, unwavering, long-lost but now found, come into the presence of ONE.

Behold Yourself, know True Love, See for yourself, the Truth.

There is a Guide, a Teacher, and a Parent who truly cares for you.  Remember that ONE and forget all the rest.  In this awareness is only purity, love, and bliss.  Share it, Be it, continuously.