Silence is Golden

 As a new feature to commemorate Dadi Janki’s 99th year of life, each week there will be a beautiful and accessible jewel of wisdom to imbibe.  These are jewels you will certainly wish to keep in the sacred treasure chest of your heart, for safekeeping, that they may become touchstones for you in times of need.

 This is the first piece and will start this year long series of weekly sharings from Dadi Janki.  It is a cherished hope that these offerings when thoroughly imbibed and practiced and shared with others will nourish and inspire your soul on its journey.  Go deep into the jewels as seed thoughts  during your meditative and contemplative moments.  Watch what will blossom within you, as you do! Many blessings on your way.

   We will begin the collection of jewels from  the venerable Dadi Janki, the present day sage who has been tested as having the most stable mind in the world with a piece called “Silence”.   Dadi’s remarkable constancy is undoubtedly due to the fact that she has been practicing Raja Yoga Meditation for the past 75 of her 99 years!

 Through her words, I offer you:



There is a part of you that is perfect and pure.

It is untouched by the less than perfect characteristics

you’ve acquired by living in a less than perfect world.

It is filled with divine qualities, so is in a constant state of resourcefulness

and well-being.

Its total absence of conflict and negativity of any sort makes this part of you

a Still-Point

a deep, enriching experience of Silence.

Make time to practice reaching this inner place of Silence.

It will bring you untold benefit.

First, it allows you to manage your thoughts better.

You will find, for example, that there is no need to think as much as you do,

that simply sitting in Silence will emerge, effortlessly,

much of all that you need.

Second, the experience of Silence releases you from the grip

of your negative programming and conditioning.

You will more easily experience the truth of your inner peace and dignity.

This further aids the mind in remaining focused and capable.

Third, the power of Silence can be shared.

As you increase your experience of Silence, your power can help

those without power to continue in their efforts of self-development

and the experience of peace.

Your stock of Silence plus an additional stock of true,

powerful thoughts will help others go beyond the limited

into the unlimited and the divine.