There is a Guide, a Teacher, a Parent who truly cares for you~the Source of Love

7/11/2014   A Friday Evening

My True Heart is filled to constantly overflowing, fed by my Lord of Nectar who is also constant.

I, the soul am drawn to the Magnet of Constant Love and Happiness away from this sorrow-drenched world.  I remember my true Home, the Land of Silence, Nirvana.

My happiness becomes constant. I spread these waves of happiness with the awareness of being an Unlimited Soul.  I, the soul continually flow towards the Source, as the Source continually flows towards me. This One beckons me to Remember.  Be Mine in Your Mind, Remember Me Alone.

As you remember the One,  receive purifying rays of Light and Love that fill you to overflowing.  Concentrated on the Source of Life, of Goodness, of Hope and Mercy,  go out and touch others with your presence.

Unlimited, constant, forever, eternal, always and beyond with my Father, the Beloved One.

Love is Life.  Love flows out to meet each moment.  There is a rippling of continuity that makes the NOW endless ….  Endlessly present and present and present…a flow of unbroken consciousness that takes you Home. Stay on this theme, this beam of Remembrance-it is your lifeline, your unbroken fortune to know the beginning, the middle, and the end continually flowing forever. Knowledgable, unwavering, long-lost but now found, come into the presence of ONE.

Behold Yourself, know True Love, See for yourself, the Truth.

There is a Guide, a Teacher, and a Parent who truly cares for you.  Remember that ONE and forget all the rest.  In this awareness is only purity, love, and bliss.  Share it, Be it, continuously.