What Makes You Afraid?

What is the nature of You, the Soul.  Take the time to meditate on the heart of who you are. When everything is stripped away, you the Soul remain.  Once the true treasure of the self is known, right action will follow like day follows  night.

Today, many are waking up.  My wish for all of us is  to: have faith that we are souls and to experience ourselves as peace and purity.

“Have faith that you are a soul” and body consciousness will finish.

When you or another soul acts without this awareness, look for the mercy within your heart, for this movement comes from ignorance, pain, and often fear.  Within each soul is true love and true law.

Go deep, connect with the One, and know the treasure that is freely given, when the soul turns toward the Light.

“Think about it: What makes you afraid?the_tao_of_pooh_by_playerofcardz What takes away your peace? What causes you to be unhappy?  Most, if not all, of your answers will be linked to a false perception of yourself and others.  Seeing ourselves as bodies that have souls rather than as souls with bodies is the ultimate illusion.” (Soul Power,p29)

A message from the Tao, from many centuries ago:

How long will it take till we are enlightened, free of darkness, free of illusion, free of malice, free of spite?

It could happen in a second, in the twinkling of an eye for a peaceful soul is a peaceful soul even when there is chaos all around.

                                                             ~THE TAO~

“Throw away morality and justice and people will do the right thing.

Throw away industry and profit and there will be no thieves.

All of these are outward forms alone;

they are not sufficient in themselves.

It is more important

to see the simplicity,

to realize one’s true nature,

to cast off selfishness

and temper desire.”