Today, BapDada is looking at the combined forms of all the children.  Do all the children know very well about these combined forms?

 One is that you highest souls are combined with your last, old, but very, valuable body.  All the highest souls with the help of their body are performing the highest acts and experiencing a meeting with BapDada. Though the body is old, thanks to this last body, the highest souls are able to have alokik experiences; the old body and soul are combined.  You don’t have to be conscious of your old body, just be aware that you are the master performing your acts through it.

The second form is an alokik, wonderful, combined form, which can be experienced only now in the whole kalpa.  It is of you and the Father.

This combined form gives one the constant experience of  being a soul who is a master almighty, victorious,destroyer of obstacles for everyone, as well as a world benefactor through pure feelings, elevated desires, speech, outlook, and action.

This combined form makes one an embodiment of solutions for all problems in a second.  It makes one a donor and a master bestower of blessings for the self, as well as for all others.  You only have to be conscious of this combined form and you will experience yourself to be an embodiment of success in remembrance and service very easily.  The method used will be for name sake only but the achievement gained will be with you constantly.  Now, (1984) more time is spent in using the method, and the achievement experience is based on the powers used.  However, if you remain constantly in your alokik, powerful combined form, you will experience success much more than the method used, ie, the achievement will be greater than the effort made.  Embodiment of success means that every act performed will lead to definite success.  Let this be a practical experience.

The third combined form is of every brahmin being an angel; i.e. the Brahmin form combined with the final karmateet stage (free from the bondage of karma). The experience of this combined form will make one an embodiment of visions in front of the whole world.  The consciousness that I, the Brahmin, am going to become an angel will help you to experience your angelic form beyond physcial consciousness.  You then play the role of a world server, an angel in the subtle regions like Brahma Baba, whilst playing your role in this corporeal world in a corporeal body.

With this subtle consciousness (the consciousness of an angel), you will automatically transform your mundane feelings as well as your mundane way of talking and  walking and behaving.  Your behavior and your sanskaras change, for when the consciousness is changed, everything is changed.  

Therefore, always have this subtle consciousness within you.  The consciousness that I am a Brahmin and that I am going to become an angel.  

Now bring that consciousness into practical form.

‘Practical form’ means that which is constant, automatic, and easy.

Practical form means to always be an angel.

To remember sometimes and to forget sometimes is the  consciousness of the first stage.

To become the practical form is the highest stage.

In summary, the third combined form is that of Brahmin and angel.

The fourth form is the future four-armed Vishnu form.  It is the combined form of Lakshmi and Narayan, because at this time the soul is filling itself with the sanskaras of both Lakshmi and Narayan.  You will sometimes be Laksmi and sometimes be Narayan there, won’t you?

Let your future fruit of such a combined form always be that clear.  Today an angel, tomorrow a deity: one moment an angel and the next moment a deity: my rule is about to come, it is going to be established at any moment.

Let these thoughts be so clear and powerful, for only when such clear and powerful thoughts are emerged will they bring your kingdom closer.

Your emerged thoughts will create the new world, i.e. they will change the world.  If your thought is merged, then the new world cannot be emerged.

On the basis of this thought, which is in Brahma as well as in Brahmins, the new world will be revealed on this earth.

Brahma Baba is waiting for you because he has to play the new, first role in the new world and has therefore to accompany you Brahmin children.  Would Brahma alone become Shri Krishna?  What would he do there all alone?  Doesn’t he need companions who will study and play with him?

This is why Brahma Baba is saying to the Brahmins that they too should become angels, with an angelic form like him, their father, who is also in an angelic form now.

For it is from the angel stage that you will attain the deity stage.  Do you understand?

Therefore, are you elevated souls experienced in all these combined forms?  You will become full and perfect only if you always remain in these combined forms.  You will then become Bapsaman and experience easy success in every action.  Achha…..

{same murli….further down…}

For BapDada, the child who takes a seven days course is also a maharthi.  Do you know why?  Because only those who understand that they have to elevate their lives take up the course, don’t they?