“The Power of Love” (Part 2)


The Power of Love by Simone Boger came highly recommended by a sweet sister I met at Anubhuti Retreat Center in Novato, California, this summer.

She and I came to know each other as we spent early morning hours in meditation, afternoons with a Great Yogi, and  evenings singing, as we washed mountains of pots and dishes.

Chapter one called THE ONE begins by honoring Divine Love with the following verse:

Free Love

“By all means they try to hold me secure,

those who love me in this world.

But it is otherwise with Your Love

which is greater than theirs,

for You keep me free.

Lest I forget them, they never venture to leave me alone.

 But day after day pass by

and You are not seen.

 If I do not call upon You, if I do not keep You in my heart,

Your Love for me keeps waiting for…

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Meditation on the Soul’s Journey Over Time

Purpose of this Contemplation/Meditation:  To stabilize the mind in remembrance of self as a soul...I am a soul acting through this body. Meditation:  I, the soul, am originally a star-like point of perfect peace and purity.  I am sitting in the golden-red expanse of the soul world, fully charged with my natural and eternal attributes [...]

The Simplest & Truest Thought You Can Have about your Self~

This is a guided meditation that can be used by yourself or in a group meditation.  It is an exploration of our essential identity as a soul, and of the soul's original nature.  The simplest thought one can have about yourself as a soul is embedded in these Sanskrit words:  Om Shanti.  Om means: I [...]

Meditation for Children: The Magic Mirror

MAGIC MIRROR Close your eyes, sit very still, and imagine that you are looking ito a magic mirror.  Say to yourself: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Just stay very still and look into your reflection in the clear mirror, look into your eyes, and listen very carefully to [...]

From A Very High Source: On the Power To Tolerate ~”There Will Be a Sparkle on the Faces of Those Who Are Tolerant”~

   My take on what follows is that in essence, 'to tolerate' means to have more love to embrace a situation, a person, or even something within your self that you would like to change.  To not be affected negatively by a challenging situation or person, or even your own shortcomings is using the power [...]

A Guided Raja Yoga Meditation

Imagine that nothing exists outside your room and that the room itself is completely empty.  Keeping your eyes opened or closed, turn your attention inward, deep inside.  You may immediately become aware of the many thoughts moving across your mind...pay them no attention.  Choose not to focus on the thoughts, let them go.  Become rooted [...]