The Seed of Unity~

WISDOM KEEPER: Dadi Janki’s words about Healing, Unity, and the Power of Seeing Soul to Soul~the Seed of Unity

This picture symbolizes being immersed in the Ocean of Love, the Ocean of Peace and Spiritual Power.  Be like a fish and stay immersed in your natural state of love, peace, and power.woman in ocean

“There is an external world and an internal world~ We let all the things of the old world inside.

If we listen to everthing and let it in, things of violence and hatred go inside.

God is teaching us to create an internal world of peace, happiness, and spiritual wealth.

So be free, free of stress and distress, of anger.

God tells us how to be free, but the practice of looking at others is so deep. Someone does something wrong ; we keep remembering them.

Let Go.  Make yourself complete inside.

Others will see you; feel you are complete and they will become inspired to be the same.

Let go of anger, for the one with whom you got angry will not forget. Trying to prove you are right is a sign of your own anger, a sign of ego.

Whatever someone says to you, remain sweet, quiet.  This is the proof of your character.

If someone’s heart is heavy, they can not listen to what you say.  You need to lighten their heart.  Give happiness.

To give happiness, you need a big heart.

Make your consciousness spiritual and you will automatically give happiness.

Keep the vision that all are God’s children.

With the qualities of love and respect it is easy to create unity.

Everyone has some weakness,  but when the intellect starts noticing  weaknesses, mistakes it becomes difficult to look at specialties.

To unite hearts is very difficult.  It’s easy to break a heart…to create conflict.

But there is greatness in creating unity.

To live in unity.  There should be generosity of heart, cleanliness of heart, truth.

When talking look at each other with a vision of soul consciousness

This is the seed of unity.  Sow the seed of unity whenever there is disunity.

Disunity creates sorrow and sufferring, heaviness, confusion.

Look at each other with soul consciousness and we will never lose hope.

Share with great love and respect, then whatever is spoken will be accepted with great love.

With the virtue of maturity others will trust you…will be open with you.

We need the power to understand each other.  This creates unity.

Let the river of good wishes flow to everyone.  Never stop communicating through good wishes.

Automatically that soul will feel that love.

If there is love, there is definitely unity.

We have to remain tied in the thread of love.”

Dadi Janki









Which Words would you Remove from the Dictionary of Your Life?

The end of one year and the beginning of another.  Just like that!  Yet it holds so much significance to us.  A chance to begin anew, to make firm and give form from the inside to the world we wish to see around us.

In order to do this, ask yourself, what words would you remove from the Dictionary of Your Life?   Everyone might have particular words which create disturbance, limitations, and even chaos in their inner and outer worlds.

In order to receive Divine Help, just be Honest about it.  Which words would you like to eliminate in 2016?  What is the percentage of being able to do this on your own?  What is the percentage of Help from the Benevolent One that it will take to get you there?  Write it down in the diary of your heart.  Remember it, constantly.  Remember what you are eliminating.  Remember what you are claiming.  Take the first step, with courage, knowing that you will receive Divine Help.  Fear not, that you are alone.

A suggestion that God asks is to eliminate the words “sometimes” and “something”.  Imagine how these words can delude you from being the master of your own self.  These words reflect a laxness, that no true leader can tolerate.

Imagine if Rosa Parks said:  Oh sometimes, I don’t mind sitting in the back of the bus, but sometimes I do mind.  Could she have been victorious in her battle against the darkness of racism?

Imagine if Mozart, Beethoven, or Shakespeare, was thinking all the time that I just know “something” is going to stop me from becoming great or “something” always gets in my way”!  Would they have been able to move forward in their creativity?  Would they be remembered as the greats in their fields of endeavor?

Imagine yourself now.  You may want to really go for radically changing the quality of your thoughts, you may want to paint the canvas of your life with only positive thoughts about yourself and others.  Is that too much to ask of yourself?

Will you be able to accomodate the mistakes of others, the uncomfortable situations you may find yourself in, with positivity?  Sometimes or all the time?  Will you spread negativity into the atomsphere by talking about the mistakes, faults, or weakness of others, or will you accomodate it and change it through vibrations full of love?

If you allow yourself even one negative thought, it will keep coming back again and again.  Protect yourself from the influence of your own mind by becoming the master of it.  When you ask the mind to stop, it must stop.  As this controlling power within you grows, you will have peace of mind and silence.  From this silence, only sweetness can emerge.

Those with clean hearts, honest hearts will receive help, i.e. if you have this noble desire to be this, yet you are not sure if you can commit to perfect results, the Benevolent One will help you to accomplish, fulfill this true desire.

Reach High, go for the gold, don’t place limits upon yourself.   Have courage, for then you will receive the divine power to make 2016, the year you accomplished the impossible.

man with heart

Fill Yourself and then fill others.

During the past year, this piece was read by the largest audience. So I have edited it and share it once again. May all souls know liberation~


I study everyday. I am a student of the Highest on High. I am learning to switch my identity from the limited to the unlimited…from being a body of flesh and bones to being a body of light, actually a point of light, a soul.

Flesh and bone are limited. Light is unlimited, eternal, imperishable, everlasting, so am I.  So are you!

Raja Yoga Meditation is a method to make this switch from limited to unlimited.  This switch is going against the grain of what most everyone else has thought, including me, for many lifetimes. That is why I practice being a bodiless being of Light everyday. I am establishing a way of being in the world, which is quite foreign to most. Thinking one is a limited body of flesh and bones is a big part of why most of us are caught up in some form or other…

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Self-Respect vrs. Ego



I am a child of GodYour journey begins with ‘Who am I?’ and your journey ends with ‘Who am I’?  What kind of soul am I?  What is my innate power, my unique role in the drama of life?

To give respect to the Self, instead of demanding respect from others has great benefits.  It reduces our Ego; as our self-respect increases, we become more humble.  If you do not work on your ego, you will experience very little from mediation or any other spiritual work.

Those who are in self-respect will receive respect from others easily and continually.  Renounce the feeling of I, me, mine.

To control negative and useless thoughts you must practice self-respect and think high and positive thoughts about the self.  This has nothing to do with being arrogant and egotistical.  It has to do with acknowledging your Highest Self.

Self-respect is the higher state of soul-consciousness.  It purifies us and gives us lots of energy.  Each and every thought of value creates energy. Likewise wasteful thoughts reduce your power and vitality.

Begin your own list of thoughts of Self-Respect.  Here are some starters to get you going in the right direction.  Do your thoughts take you up or down?  That is the question to ask yourself.

  1.  I am a great soul.  It is true that I’m great.  Feel it and accept it with deep realization.
  2. I am a destroyer of obstacles.  My Divine Parent is always with me.  I am under the Canopy of Protection.  I destroy obstacles for myself and others.
  3. I am Self-Soverign over my mind and body.
  4. I am a pure soul.
  5. My true nature is of peace.  When I am connected to peace, I give peace to all souls through the freedom of my mind.
  6. On the basis of self-respect, I charge up the atmoshphere around me, including my home, my meditation area, and wherever my feet touch in the world.
  7. I am a powerful soul, unlimited.
  8. I am a beloved child of God.


Give yourself the Gift of Self-Respect every day.  Especially powerful when you first wake up in the morning and last thing before sleep.  Also powerful while drinking water and other nourishing drinks.


You are blessed.








To Have Peace is to Be Like the Rising Sun


In Raja Yoga Meditation, one way to connect in with our inner peace is through the thought ‘Om Shanti’.  These 2 words signfiy the awareness of our eternal state of peace and our true spiritual identity.

When you say ‘Om Shanti’ you are affirming that ~you are a peaceful (shanti) soul (I am).

When one accepts Om Shanti as a reality and focuses upon it, that one’s power of peace and serenity manifests.

It takes just a few seconds of concentration to connect with the soul-self and connect with the current of peace and tranquility.  It can be practised for 10 to 20 seconds as many times during the day as you wish to bring in this energetic of peace and soul-awareness.

The Om Shanti current never fails to energize.  However, we need to practise it with complete attentiveness.


A testimony from a first time guest, a woman in her early twenties, who enjoyed our Summer Solstice Intro to Raja Yoga Meditation:

“The Solstice Gathering to speak about Raja Yoga and then be guided through meditation was simply wonderful.  It filled me with a sweet sense of light that enabled my soul to be uplifted and acknowledged.  I think one of the most profound rememberances of the evening was hearing and feeling how powerful it is when the soul is recognized and deeply connected to.  The soul is the source of our existence an I am deeply thankful for everyone who drinks from this well of light.”




A weekly practice of meditation is being initiated on the North Shore. Each Sunday evening, we will gather at 6:30 for an hour to tune into Om Shanti and other powerful methods of Raja Yoga Meditation to bring us into soul-awareness and awareness of the Divine~  Call 808-639-9436 to rsvp, receive directions, and parking info.


purple you are a soul

Beautiful in Silence and Comfortable with Truth

rewritten at the end of 2015~Reflections on the Journey~


Finding pieces of writing in old journals is like finding hidden treasure. Rereading this piece from August 20,2009, the words jumped off the page  with the accuracy of a compass,  pointing to true North.  Clarified, beyond the shadow of doubt is the direction that I’ve been navigating for the longest time.

Looking back at this moment captured in words, from the present, a moment in 2015 ( which is quickly becoming the past), what can be seen is a relentless pilgrimage which could easily be called “a search for lost innocence”.

Reading through the long forgotten passage , what emerged, was “soul”, the pure, powerful being of  light, the being  beautiful in silence and comfortable with truth.

This is the “me” that had been  covered over for so long, by the dust of this corporeal world, and who had become unrecognizable, even to my Self.

No wonder, for so many…

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