Creating Destiny

Sharing this again, a month later, after having spent a good part of that month in India getting clearer and more capable of receiving spiritual love!


Doing what you do “with love” is the only way to accumulate power and merit.  If you are moving out of guilt, obligation, or force, you will not receive the results you are seeking.

As you choose to build up the spiritual aspect of your nature~do it with Love.  The love of knowing that everyday at the same time, you will be doing something that will be yours for eternity.  You are adding to your account of consciousness.  Keep your appointment with yourself.  This teaches kindness and respect to the self and strengthens your determination to overcome distractions, carelessness, and laziness.

Start your day right, by carving out some morning time that is dedicated to You.  Enjoy moments when you connect in again with your self during the day.  Being able to quickly recognize that you are a soul, by affirming this truth through a simple statement such as: “I…

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Keep Your Mirror Clean~Have Self-Realization

Don’t allow yourself to have any negative thoughts, or they won’t leave you alone.   Time is precious, use it in a worthwhile way.  Find the benefit, in all that is your life.  See yourself as the Ocean of Love sees you.

Is your heart open?  Do you wake up each morning with a smile upon your face?  Do you trust that life is giving you everything that can benefit your elevation?

Remember that you are a soul, eternal, loveful, imperishable.  Take perspective from this.  Know your own power.  Express your happiness.  Know that the Comforter of Hearts is yours.

Let God be your Friend, teaching you how to Dance with Happiness.











When You Know Me as I Am, only Beauty will emerge from Your THoughts!

from the Heart of the Beloved~

“When you know Me as a I am, only Beauty will emanate from your thoughts.  When you have understood the knowledge I bring you, only jewels of wisdom will emerge from your mouth.  When you accept My gift of pure values and practise them, only then will your actions be equal to Mine.”

Benefit from Support in Creating Shifts in Relationships

This is a powerful way to give yourself support in making important changes in your challenging relationships!


This is meditation was originally created by a workshop facilitator who has seen significant results in relationships by those who use this over time.

This meditation has been adapted slightly in order to offer you this opportunity to work with me for 14 days during December to clear patterns of negativity in challenging relationships.

This offerring is for individuals who would like the assistance of working with a neutral, detached observer to make real changes in an important and challening relationship.

As your accountability “coach”, you will receive encouragment each day to do this meditaiton.  You will be guided  into the meditation for 10 minutes each day at a regular time.  This is a free service to benefit our community.

With consisitency and accountability,  the success rate of this type of work increases greatly.  We all benefit from positive reinforcement as we gain new skills and let go of the…

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A Meditation Experience to Create Shifts in Relationships in 2017


This  meditation was created to bring harmony and other positive shifts in relationships by those who use this over time.

This meditation has been adapted slightly in order to offer you this opportunity to clear patterns of negativity in challenging relationships.

I’m offerring individuals, friends, and family members my support as a neutral, detached observer to make real changes in an important and challening relationship.

As your meditation “coach”, you will receive help to do this meditaiton.  You will be guided  into the meditation for 25 minutes three days a week on conference call with an agreed upon time for all participants. This is a free service to benefit you and our community.

With consisitency and accountability,  the success rate of this type of work increases greatly.  We all benefit from positive reinforcement, as well as accountability and support.  This is one example of many that can serve you when you decide to dial up on my Free Conference Call and receive a live guided meditation.

It might take a few days, weeks, or months.  Be consistent and watch how changing the inner world creates smoother vibrations within your friendships and other relationships. Okay this is the Guided Visualization:


“Visualize yourself standing in front of a flower garden which is your very own, private, sanctuary, a beautiful representation of your inner virtues.

You enter through an archway covered with magenta bougainvillea.  You take a moment to stop at the threshold before entering your enchanted world.

Before you, you see all the flowers you  love.  Silently, you reach out your hand to touch each flower and take in its essence and fragrance.    This connects you with your inner beauty.

You touch the red roses of happiness and love, the pink hibiscus of kindness and compassion, and the  white orchids of innocence and purity.  In your garden, the blue sky sheds its serenity and peace all around you.

In the center of your garden is a large circle of soft green grass.  You lie down on this cool carpet of Mother Nature and let go of all agitation; you feel a deep silence and expansion of  your being.  Your breathing becomes deep and rhythmic creating a feeling of contentment and perfect safety.

You are ready to bring in the name of someone  who you feel conflict with.  Recognize the negative thoughts and feelings you have for this person.

From your relaxed and expanded vision, begin to observe this person, calmly.  Look beyond the situations that have created upset and look deeply for one good quality in this person.  Think of this quality as a flower.  Give the flower a name or a color, such as the flower of loyalty or see a beautiful white blossom.  Allow your vision to stay on the flower and enjoy how it blossoms before your eyes.  This is a new and welcomed addition to your beautiful garden.

As your eyes slowly look around your garden to the arched gateway, the person you were just thinking of walks in.  Are you surprised?  Not at all.  You were expecting him or her.  You find it easy to calmly observe him or her as he or she  quietly walks aroud, admiring your amazing, exotic inner flower garden.

You are still at a safe viewing distance from this person as you consider if you are ready to see them as a brother or sister soul.  If you feel any resistance to this, acknowledge your feelings.  Then remind yourself of your own strength and beauty and how this garden is a reflection of your inner goodness and pure feelings.

Choose a blessing or pure intention for this person who is visiting your garden.  Visualize this thought as a ray of  beautiful, golden light, filled with the warmth and comfort of good feelings, acceptance, love, or any other feeling that naturally and easily comes from your heart.

Your intention is to welcome this person and wish them well.  This openess creates the space for forgiveness and for the past to be released and laid to rest.

Visualize this golden ray of light reaching out and touching and encircling this person.  Create the thought that this ray of light and the cocoon of light that is being created around this person is removing all the negative feelings between the two of you, creating space for change and newness.

Stay in this beautiful silence for as long as you wish.  When you are ready, pick a flower from your garden and walk over and offer it to him or her.  He or she graciously receives it and you both walk toward the archway leading out of the garden.

You are happily feeling that your energies have been renewed and that a new level of understanding has been created between the two of you.”

REFLECTION:  Creating good wishes for someone else’s happiness, well-being, or success is an incredibly powerful practice.  Most of us have to learn how to do this, especially for those who have caused us pain and sorrow and discomfort.  Overtime, this practice becomes easier.

The more you focus on your own inner beauty and virtues in this meditation, the easier it will be to allow a natural sense of goodness and well-wishing to arise from the core of your being.  This meditation can work like a hot spring that emerges out of the earth, releasing a soft mist of your goodness to surround you and permeate everyone and everything you do.

Thanks to Nikki De Carteret in her book called SOUL POWER for the original meditation that this has been adapted from!

“Soul Power is the ultimate spiritual intelligence”ROSES of Kauai

There’s Benefit in Everything

Child Soul MeditatingI’ve been in India for almost 3 weeks having powerful meditations and connections with my Self and the Divine, as well as meeting amazing people from all over the planet!  The whole time I’ve been here, the body has been in a vulnerable state.  I, the soul, have decided to take charge again and again commanding health, well-being, and balance.  It is beginning to materialize.  Somehow, it has been easy to over-do here, even though each day is spent in hours of deep meditation and reflection.

Paying close attention to the rhythm of each day and each night has helped to create balance.  Being alone and connecting with new “old” friends is another dance of balance.  Reading, writing, sitting in the sun, finding the perfect mementos for folks back home all fill the days of a perfect retreat.

What is the backdrop to all of this, that makes sense to come all the way to India to do what, seemingly, one could do anywhere?

The backdrop is that one is nurtured in a very sacred  energy field  where heavy meditation has been carried on here since the 50’s  by fully surrendered yogis making it easy for the rest of us to rise to a state of lightness, bodilessness, and connect with the Highest on High.

There is great value in this for the soul.On my way~~~~~~~~

~Inner Yoga~Start Somewhere that Feels Real

Meditation in WHite Light

Do you agree?   Self esteem is the value  you and others place on aspects of yourself connected to your achievements and talents visible in the world.

On the other hand, self-respect comes from a deep place of inner recognition and self-acceptance of the soul’s original qualities of love, peace, happiness, bliss, and wisdom.  These divine qualities may not be stable yet or fully emerged in your everyday awareness.  They are incognito, just waiting for a chance to show themselves.  They exist, but they are “merged”, dormant, awaiting your attention! Invisible.

Which quality of the soul do you feel best exemplifies you?  Which have you been bringing awarness to  lifetime after lifetime, making them your present ‘speciality’.

Go within and feel around into the being of light that you are.

Choose one of the original virtues of the soul: love, generosity, happiness, peace, detachment, contentment, kindness, humility,  and bring it into focus for the next week by spending at least 10 minutes a day, experiencing yourself as a beautiful being of light, filled with the quality that you have chosen to focus on.

Start somewhere that feels real.

Build up to two or three times a day, meditating on your special virtue/quality.  Choose a part of you that has not been expressed much, something that has been hidden away, for one reason or another.

Journal about the experiences, images, and feelings you have during these meditations and also about the magic and/or the tests that show up in the rest of your day that shows you that you are deepening your impact upon your world by “being aware of who you truly are”.

Share your experiences to uplift others.  Encourage them to explore their own specialty, for we are all special, we have just forgotten.I am a child of God

The Power of Om Shanti~

A powerful way to connect to our original self and our original peace in meditation is by using the thought “Om Shanti”.  These two words embody the consciousness of our eternal state of peace and the awareness of our spiritual identity~simply translated Om Shanti means I am a soul and a peaceful one.

It takes just a few seconds of concentration to connect with the soul-self and feel this current of peace take over.  It can be practiced a number of times during the day, for about 10 to 20 seconds each time.  The Om Shanti current never fails to energize.  However it needs to be practiced with complete attentiveness.  After a full day of activity, with many short pauses remembering your spiritual truth, you can develop a habit of feeling great throughout the day.  By the end of the day, chances are you will feel a lot smoother than when you forget to balance activity with peace and silence.  0M Shanti.  Make it an Om Shanti Day, every day~~~

Lotus on Blue
Lotus on Blue

You Are It!!!

Here I am at one of the most highly revered pilgrimage places in India.  High up on Mt. Abu in Rajasthan, doing some service, I sit in a little room graced with couches covered in lace, an oriental rug, a side door that lets in the mountain air and sunshine, and a beautiful artistic rendition of the Supreme Soul who is beaming at me from across the room.

In dances a beloved sister, beaming, she shares a few “jewels” with me.  One of which I will share with you~ within the word “purity” is this message: U R IT!!!!!

This is the secret of purity.  Nuff said, for now!

 night blooming cereus