To Live in the Breath of God


I do not seek to know what the ancients knew
I seek to know their Source.
Tell me how to live today in
This Breath of God

(Scribbled in my journal in the Summer of’07)

This is what I called “Lost and Found Poetry”. While looking for something else~ which I did’t find…I found something even better. However I am making an effort to become more organized with my writing giving it greater precedence in this life and more presence, so as to be able to share it with more and more souls who may enjoy and benefit from it. Starting out short…and sweet…growing it into something very complete~

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Healing the Heart ~ Receiving Divine Love~Importance of Honesty~


I am very taken by Dadi Janki’s words of wisdom.

I know I am not alone in this unabashed feeling of gratitude.

To quote another admirer:” …this woman is as deep , wise, and egoless as it gets.

She adheres to no formal religion, dogma, or sect.  Merely teaches you a method to open the heart

and detach the mind-which to me is what true spirituality is about”.

Ruby Wax

With that heartfelt introduction to Dadi Janki, I begin this piece which quotes what she says about LOVE.

Love is connected to virtues.  Virtues create love both within the self and within others.

When virtues reduce, the quality of love also reduces.

When all virtues are present, there is complete and pure love.

Out of all the virtues, the main one is honesty.  If we feel someone is not being honest with us,

our love breaks.

Whether it’s our mother…

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2nd Piece from Dadi Janki~ ON SUCCESS

If one were to ask Dadi Janki : during your 99 years, so far, of life from where did you acquire the most wisdom, from personal research, divine intuition, or from life experience, she would most likely point upwards to indicate that the knowledge she shares comes from one Source, the Supreme Soul, the Knowledgefull One.  Dadi remembers her experience of deep love for God from the age of 2 and  her search for Truth began at the age of 11.  On the question of what is Success, she answers as follows, in her succinct and unique style.

“Success is to reach such a constant level of positive thoughts that pure actions happen naturally.  Pure actions are like good seeds which, when planted, produce healthy, sweet fruit…  Concern for the quality of my actions today ensures the Success of my tomorrow.  Virtues are the mainstay in this because Success like this requires Hope.  And Hope in today’s world, requires Courage. It is a matter of working from the strength of your convictions which is a spiritual kind of Honesty.

Balance these qualities and your path will be easy…and your success will be assured.

Courage alone does not bring Success.  If there’s only courage, there will be ego.  It’s courage plus honesty which brings God’s help and that is what guarantees the Success.

God is getting it done through me.  I am simply an instrument in this task.  These are honest thoughts which elicit God’s help and protection.

Humility is the result of such honesty and courage.  A life of enthusiasm, courage, honesty, and humility is inspirational. It’s a way of helping others become Successful too~

1.  How do you know when you have recognized God as She/He really is?

2.  What does every soul long for?

3.  Where can unshakeable peace be found?

4.  How does being influenced by others hamper your personal journey and how does one protect the Self from this  influence?

5.  Do you know yourself as a child of God, the Bestower of Happiness, the Remover of Sorrow, and the Ocean of Love?

6.  Or has your life become such a hustle and bustle that there is no time left for you to develop this relationship?

7. What type of experience do most people gravitate towards?


These are deep questions which many people never consciously think to ask, yet on a subconscious level they may be alive and kicking.   You deserve a big congratulations for choosing to read this far and for your willingness to take a look at the possibility of  going beyond the hustle and bustle of life, beyond our deep societal programs and conditioning, and beyond the loss of our innocence at a young age, with the subsequent “rule of the ego” which tends to distract most of us from a quest such as this.

In order to answer these questions and turn one’s life around, it is valuable to set aside the limiting perceptions and pre-conceptions of our own ego-dominated worlds, for longer and longer periods of time everyday,  in order realize a subtler, greater world of truth.

One of the best ways to do this is through meditation.

Your ego and mine, have been doing their best to keep us alive,  but have also sadly separated us from the Truth about our Selves.  Our egos have masked our true Selves and the real questions about life which could reveal to us some real answers.

While being held captive by our egos, we have become preoccupied with temporary, perishable, and limited pleasures, powers, and attainments.  The “true north” of our deepest longings, our truest contentment, and our lasting love and happiness has gone unnoticed and, therefore, undiscovered.

Many souls look to the “after-life” for the type of fulfillment the answers to these questions can bring us.

Undoubtedly, and probably, similar to you, I have been blessed by difficulties and battles entrenched so deeply within myself that they didn’t s budge, no matter what tools I applied or how much service I thought I was doing.  Fortunately, very fortunately these difficulties were also accompanied by an intense desire to be happy, loving, and kind.  The quandary of these two extremes created a subtle openness within,  far below the “ego’s watch”.   As I began to ask these valuable, if not disconcerting questions, I have come to receive satisfying answers through daily study as well as through the practice of  meditation.

I’ve come to understand how important it is to pass blessings along to others and  it is in the spirit of a blessing that I introduce you  to one of our great present-day sages, who has blessed me with her wisdom :  Dadi Janki, the 100-year-old head of the Brahma Kumari World Spiritual University.

Dadi, as she is affectionately called, has been tested and acclaimed to have the most stable mind on the planet, at this time.  The truth and wisdom she shares with others, all over the world, has been garnered and churned by her during  the past 75 years of her life.

One of her widely read books is called Companion of God, from which I heartily share with you.

“As an actor on the stage of life, you need to detach yourself from the roles you are playing and get in touch with the part of you that is not an act.”

What Dadi is referring to here is getting in touch with you, the soul, the eternal you. This is where the practice of self-awareness through meditation comes into the picture.

Meditation is your tool of discovery, to discover the true you and the treasures that lie within you.

The part of us that is perishable and mostly running the show is kept unhappy by looking outside for true love and peace.   The present state of much of our world is one of  thirsting for deep relationship with the Divine, while fearing loss, annihilation, war, illness, and death.  Most people seem to be sadly lacking in what truly makes us whole and sane.

This instability is the result of allowing the Self to be strongly influenced by thinking that our true contentment could be found outside.

As Dadi Janki clearly says:  “The world is a supermarket of sorrow. Don’t buy any! A good spiritual education teaches you how to be discerning in your shopping.”

How will having a spiritual education help make meaning out of your “movie”?

How will reflecting on the bigger picture change your approach to your personal journey?

Dadi’s words pinpoint a condition, that is too often considered “normal” and yet which underpins the cause of so much suffering.

“Our ability to cope is hampered by thinking too much about other people. This causes problems in  the mental digestive system.  The best mental ‘antacid’ is in-depth spiritual study. This, plus a  regular practice of self-awareness, penetrates the mind very deeply, dislodging emotional pain.”

How does one’s awareness and consciousness change by focusing on the spiritual aspects of life instead of spending so much time thinking about others?

In Dadi’s words:   “An enlightened person understands that there is nothing to be gained by thinking about others.” A much better use of time is to concentrate on the Source of All Love, instead, and to fill one’s Self with this Divine Love. This is another aspect of meditation through which one can learn to connect again and again to the Ocean of Love.

Janki also encourages us to send  good wishes and pure feelings to others, for this change of habit (in ourselves) will accomplish everything and alleviate the need to think negatively any further about a person or a situation.   This one change can ultimately resolve the situations we find ourselves in and relieve us from the vicious cycle of negative, unproductive thoughts about “why”, “when”, and “how”.

Instead of sending worried, angry, resentful, critical, and /or doubtful thoughts to another, send love and pure wishes.  The truth of this can be felt at the end of the day, as one feels light, free, and peaceful.

To the one who recognizes it, putting this one jewel into practice is like receiving a key to changing the course of your life.  This type of wisdom is life-giving, universal, non-denominational, and very practical.

Another rare jewel from the heart of Dadi Janki to your heart.  May the truth of it, hit the mark and allow you to understand the nature of these times and the nature of you, the soul,  in a new way.

“Right now, what the soul really needs most is power.  Having been through birth and rebirth, accumulating rubbish along the way, the soul is burdened and depleted and therefore unable to perform to its greatest potential. When we use our inner resources in the right way, power is gained, enabling us to stay with God and to reach our destination. Wasting the mind on ordinary, mundane, and conditioned thinking is a waste of time and energy.  Souls leave the path; they leave God, because they have wasted their thoughts, words, and breath in this way. Blaming others and complaining are just making excuses. This is another mistake which wastes more energy and causes more loss of power. There isn’t time to behave in this way any more.  Understand that we need power and start cultivating it.

As power develops, so will love.”

Ponder on this for a while and write down what you find deep in your heart, deep in your soul.  No one else can answer this question of “longing” for you.  Check in to the heart of your soul; for the original essence within each soul is that of peace.  Feel the truth in this by taking a moment to rediscover your peaceful soul.

A simple 3 step method for this can be used:

1.  Find a time that works best for you every day.   Start out with a moment or two, and gradually build up to ten to twenty minutes each day, to stop and become still and silent.

{ Many souls find that a clear time of day that supports this inner movement is early in the morning.  Others may choose the beautiful moments created by the setting sun or the winding down time, right before sleep.}

Take the thought, “I am a peaceful soul” and hold it, firmly and confidently, in your mind. As you focus on this one thought it will gradually release its essence into your consciousness.

With practice this thought will bring you into deeper and deeper peace, into the inner ocean of peace which already exists within you.

2.  While you are holding this thought, wasteful thoughts may try to distract you.  Surrender each thought to your Higher Power. Give them no attention, no matter how great the attraction or force with which they throw themselves at you may be. Release, release, release, all wasteful thoughts, feelings, and opinions.  Surrender, surrender, surrender. Melt into Peace.

3.  Whenever you feel distracted, return to this thought about your true essence: “I am a peaceful soul. Peace is my true nature.”

As you continue this practice, you will find that as you come back into the everyday world, you will be able to carry the awareness of your essence of peace with you.  This awareness will become more stable and unshakeable as you give yourself permission to stop often during the day, if only for a few moments and go inside. You will accumulate the power to stop the hectic spinning of your world and return to your true nature.  This is one of the most important powers of the soul, the ability “to stop” in midstream, pack up your thoughts, and come back to peace.

I wish you the happiness of rediscovering yourself through stillness each day.  A few gifts to assist you in this discovery are these meditative audios which can be downloaded to computer or phone, so that you can experience your inner peace, even when you’re on the go! nourishment

Anthony Strano’s Link of Life (4 part meditation can be found on youtube).

Also websites:

Here’s a Peaceful Affirmation which you may write out by hand and place in various spots in your home and workplace, to reinforce the remembrance of who you truly are:

  I remember to be still and to bask in my inner ocean of silence and peace.

I find a time and place in which I am there for my Self, every day. 

I am true to this commitment to my Self and this practice of peace.

  My spiritual energy is being charged and renewed every day.

  I enjoy these precious moments of time in which I stop and dip into the ocean of peace within.

 I find I can go deeper and deeper into  peace each day.

                                      OM SHANTI*  (from Hindi) = “I am a Peaceful Soul”

May you be continually blessed and bless others with your awareness of peace and may your feelings be filled with equal amounts of love and detachment.

                                                    You are a Being of Peace!

                                                             Your Sister in Peace,



Silence is Golden

 As a new feature to commemorate Dadi Janki’s 99th year of life, each week there will be a beautiful and accessible jewel of wisdom to imbibe.  These are jewels you will certainly wish to keep in the sacred treasure chest of your heart, for safekeeping, that they may become touchstones for you in times of need.

 This is the first piece and will start this year long series of weekly sharings from Dadi Janki.  It is a cherished hope that these offerings when thoroughly imbibed and practiced and shared with others will nourish and inspire your soul on its journey.  Go deep into the jewels as seed thoughts  during your meditative and contemplative moments.  Watch what will blossom within you, as you do! Many blessings on your way.

   We will begin the collection of jewels from  the venerable Dadi Janki, the present day sage who has been tested as having the most stable mind in the world with a piece called “Silence”.   Dadi’s remarkable constancy is undoubtedly due to the fact that she has been practicing Raja Yoga Meditation for the past 75 of her 99 years!

 Through her words, I offer you:



There is a part of you that is perfect and pure.

It is untouched by the less than perfect characteristics

you’ve acquired by living in a less than perfect world.

It is filled with divine qualities, so is in a constant state of resourcefulness

and well-being.

Its total absence of conflict and negativity of any sort makes this part of you

a Still-Point

a deep, enriching experience of Silence.

Make time to practice reaching this inner place of Silence.

It will bring you untold benefit.

First, it allows you to manage your thoughts better.

You will find, for example, that there is no need to think as much as you do,

that simply sitting in Silence will emerge, effortlessly,

much of all that you need.

Second, the experience of Silence releases you from the grip

of your negative programming and conditioning.

You will more easily experience the truth of your inner peace and dignity.

This further aids the mind in remaining focused and capable.

Third, the power of Silence can be shared.

As you increase your experience of Silence, your power can help

those without power to continue in their efforts of self-development

and the experience of peace.

Your stock of Silence plus an additional stock of true,

powerful thoughts will help others go beyond the limited

into the unlimited and the divine.