A Glimpse Ahead~

Love eradicates the old taste of mistakes. Dewlike essences wash clean, stinging sores that linger from escapades into delirium, as past mayas silently spiral away. Lightness of touch devoid of the burning claw of temptation is Distilled now into a healing balm of mysterious rapture.   A sunlit embrace reminds you who you are, as [...]


To My Beloved of Another Time~Another Age~

This was originally written as a "Wedding Blessing" to a charming and talented young couple on 10/10/04. As I rediscover this blessing, which  was written , almost 10 years ago, I recognise within it, my own blessing for my beloved of another age, an age which is forthcoming, a time of peace, of happiness, and [...]

I heard music coming through the night out of nowhere~

A note from the soul on  a night of extreme inspiration and knowingness coming to the surface. (Found in a journal from August 28, 2009...an auspicious ending to an auspicious day )  Poetic Pieces of Eternity, Speaking of Longing "I heard music coming through the night from nowhere, poetic fragments of eternity speaking of longing. [...]

How Important is Honesty to You?

Living treasures in Hawaii are those souls who embody some specific wisdom that carries a part of the culture. In the case of Dadi Janki, she embodies an honesty of a soul which has grown so close to the soul of God that her every movement is a treasure! I kid you not. You may experience Dadi Janki in action on Youtube.

Jewel of Eternal Peace and Beauty~A Short Meditation~

I gently turn my attention inwards.   I visualize myself as a being of Light, a tiny point of eternal light sitting in the center of my forehead. I see my original state in which there is Peace, there is Beauty, there is Purity, and there is Love. In this awareness, I feel the Presence of the [...]